Daily Sermons

  1. Friendship is a 2-way Street.
  2. Friendship requires a commitment & constant touch.
  3. Don’t reserve a heart for those who don’t try to stay.
  4. Friendship is not a competition or a game to find a winner or who is better.
  5. Friendship is not there if one tries to show off about worldly possessions, branded goods, Wealth & Money.
  6. True Friends in all honesty are most difficult in this world to find.
  7. Friends love each other for honesty and those who are jealous and compete to show their superiority are no friends but idiots.
  8. Those who want friends at their convenience do not value their friendship.
  9. Self-obsessed friends are biggest morons in the world.
  10. Do not belittle a friend because he/she cares for you. Once a friend stops caring than you have no value in his/her world.
  11. Always try to think positive about your friends.
  12. Beware of Jealous friends as they are Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing & get the ire of God.
  13. Friends do not only live or earn for themselves but always want a good life for their friends too.
  14. Value your friends, meet them, bear them for their flaws and try to help them to overcome their shortcomings.
  15. Friends are gift of God and only few lucky ones are blessed with the same.
  16. Friends are not for time pass, superficial talks or vent as there are many bars and coffee shops for the same.
  17. Friends know your lies and short comings, but they do not divulge them because they love you for what you are and will always try to find something good in you.
  18. Whatever lies one many speak a true friend will always know your truth.
  19. Do not let your false pride and ego kill your friendship.
  20. Friends like & love each other because of some eternal affection and unknown attraction.
  21. A friend will always try to help you without you even you are asking for his help.
  22. In one’s life there are no more than 4-5 good friends as rest are all acquaintances and good company.
  23. Lastly always find excuses to meet your friends as a day will come in your life when you would be left with no one to share yourself.

More to Follow.

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